High Country Biofuels is a cooperative corporation dedicated to making sustainable biodiesel fuel available to the High Country community. The cooperative runs the only biofuel pump in the Watauga/Ashe/Avery area and is enthusiastic about educational efforts to communicate the environmental and economic benefits on this readily available technology.

Become a member to utilize the fueling station! Email info@highcountrybiofuels.com for more information on becoming a member.

Biodiesel is a plant-derived fuel that can be processed from vegetable oils and used to power diesel engines without the necessity of engine modification. The vegetable oil can be extractedfrom soybeans, rapeseed, or other oil-bearing seeds; or, alternatively, used restaurant fryer oil can be used to process a clean-burning fuel. Any of these plant-based sources result in an environmentally friendly fuel with low pollutant emissions and a much more positive economic outlook for our local communities and less dependence on foreign sources of fossil fuels. Check out our FAQs for more info.

We will be selling soybean-based B99 at the pump and you will be able to fuel up at your convenience.  The price per gallon will be $4.00 per gallon until further notice.

Our pumping station is open, daylight hours only. As always, follow the posted procedures and Thanks! Our station is located at Triple T Pumping, 1370 NC Hwy. 194N, about a mile from the New Market Shopping Center. CLICK HERE for directions.